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Jugaad Jn. One of the most loved Veg. restaurant brand in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, serving more than 1200 happy customer daily .


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The Story About Jugaad Jn
A unit of Hopeworth Services Pvt. Ltd.

The best years of one's life are the childhood days. As a child you have no worries, no hardships and no troubles. For us things were different the memories were sweet but probably not the best. We grew up with hardships, troubles and worries yet today when we look back we feel proud.

We left our homes 20 years back in search of a life that is content. All three of us struggled, got jobs, lived our bachelor's life together and separately in different cities.

We were an enthusiastic bunch of young blood with very limited money to spend on food, cigarettes, phone, friends, girl friends or any other extravagance. Some friends lived luxurious life and some were more or less like us. We enjoyed it too with some or the other Jugaad. For saving on the things we enjoyed the most, we used to cook ourselves. Affording a cook and fulfilling his requirement was out of our budget . To relish the delicacies we had to go outside but the huge bills left us with empty pockets. Food & Grocery was something where we could save. Saving few bucks made us compromise on Quality Cleanliness, hygiene, Service and ambience. Good restaurants / Quality essential products for us, were beyond means.

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Life for us progressed and started giving us what we once dreamt of. But the desire to come up with something different was always at the back of our mind which we could not achieve in our high paying jobs. This urge to do something different and to work for ourselves, then for others evolved. We met a lot of people to take their inputs. Some supported us morally and encouraged us at each step whereas some discouraged with their life experiences. Some suggestions motivated us while some views were discouraging and depressing. This pushed us at a stage where we debated so much that we could not reach to any conclusion. To become entrepreneurs then doing service was a kick that gave the final thrust to our dream of “Jugaad Jn.”, a place that would offer an array of homely and Jugaadu vegetarian products & services served with the best hospitality, prompt service at affordable rates.

So, it all started with the desire to build Jugaad Jn. with the plethora of grand ideas we had, to change traditional restaurant / retail model to something that unifies with Generation Y.

Right from christening the name “Jugaad Jn.”, designing the interiors, finalising the menu / products you will find that it lives up to the name “Jugaad Jn.” In our Jugaad you will find things from places all across INDIA right from Chandni Chowk in Delhi to Burrabazar in Kolkata, Deoghar in Jharkhand/Bihar to small towns & villages of Orissa. We neither had a definite idea about the business nor did we have enough money, so we started Jugaad from the products , the menu, the design, to the overall ambience.

We did research on every possible idea to keep our standard in quality/service matching the theme. As we were very specific on the items we chose team involved in Jugaad Jn. starting from the product/service selection to the interior designer to the people who worked on backhand/financials. Everybody supported us well. They wanted to explore their ideas on something where their work was appreciated and Jugaad Jn. gave them the platform.

We will continue to encourage new ideas and suggestions from all of you. We are open to take suggestions to keep improving Jugaad Jn. in every possible way. We encourage your valuable feedback.

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